Groove Productions is a recording studio located in Santa Ana, CA. We love the craft of recording, mixing, and mastering, and are determined to make you sound great!



Each of the rooms here at Groove Productions Studio have been carefully acoustically treated, which creates a better sound environment for musicians as well as for the engineers. Proper acoustical treatment is essential for bands while tracking and when mixing down. With the guidance of our accomplished engineers and our more than qualified staff on hand, our recordings are known to produce the true sound of audio excellence. That is why we have Award winning musicians and record labels that continue to use this studio as their number one choice for recording studios in Southern California.


Control Room

Our control room is based around a fully restored vintage MCI JH-556D console, offering endless flexibility and a classic sound, setting us apart from other studios that only feature digital recording. Our Tanoy Gold series 15″ dual concentric mains Focal Twin 6 Be Near Field monitors ensure your mix will sound superior on any musical device you hear your music on. Combining state of the art digital interfaces and Pro Tools with true analog gear gives us the “Best of both worlds,” and the addition of a 3M M79 2″ 24-track tape machine completes the a musician’s dream come true.


Live Room

In addition to our very spacious live room, we have two isolation rooms. They are useful for drums, vocals, or to mic up a guitar or bass amp. With one of the best ways to find that perfect isolated vocal or instrumental recording, we provide the option of two separate isolation rooms here at Groove Productions Studio. One of the isolation rooms here at our music studio is a booth that was perfectly constructed for larger instrument recordings. Our other booth is a smaller isolation room that captures some of the best vocal recording in the county. Specifically designed by an accomplished acoustician, each isolation room


Groove Productions Studio in Orange County, CA is your friendly neighborhood local recording studio providing vocal recording, instrumental recording, band recording, voice-over recording, video recording and music production, professional recording, professional mixing, and professional mastering with Sound Affair Mastering.

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