About Us

Groove Productions Studio (formerly known as Blue Velvet Studio) in Orange County, Ca. is a high-end recording complex that Grammy winning bands like Los Lobos and record labels like Epitaph trust for the best sound. The studio originally opened for business in 1978 and was  designed and constructed by Express Sound Company, the leader in studio construction. After acquiring the business in 2013, Groove Productions Studio began an extensive two year renovation process in order to become one of the top recording studios in Orange County. Our most extensive renovations have included the addition of a separate mastering suite that had been designed by the world renowned Ken Rains of “Rains Audio Engineering.” This allows us to provide our clients with a  “One Stop Studio” experience.

The newly updated acoustically engineered construction, as well as the appealing atmospheric decor, provides the ultimate recording experience that is found to be beyond impressive. Featuring a fully restored vintage MCI 500 series recording console, coupled with state of the art digital interfaces and Pro Tools, our highly experienced engineers are able to capture that perfect sound for any style of music recording. From tracking, to mixing, to mastering with laquer disk cutting services for vinyl record production through Sound Affair Mastering, our  recording studio offers top quality music production and client tailored  professional recording services that are  hard to find  south of LA.

Being that we are the only recording studio in Orange County to provide mastering with Direct-to-Disk Vinyl recording, our full service professional music studio is now considered to be one of the best recording studios in O.C.